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Aleksandra Zaborowska
Written by Aleksandra Zaborowska

How can I edit my account?

After logging in to your account, click your user name or avatar in the upper right corner.

You will be redirected to Settings where you can edit your account.

Sections included in Settings:

  • Profile - where you can set your details as the proposals' sender, change the account login password, choose the language of the application and integrate Sellizer with your email account.
  • Default settings - where you can set your own subdomain or domain, add a company logo and personalize the message signature. In this section you can also choose the language of the proposal viewing window, add widgets and JS codes to your proposals, activate the option that allows recipients to save proposals on their devices, set an expiry date for your proposals and turn on the automation of follow up messages.
  • Permissions - If you are a team admin, here you can customize the account permission sets of individual team members.
  • Notifications - here you can choose what notifications and how often you want to receive from Sellizer.