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Aleksandra Zaborowska
Written by Aleksandra Zaborowska

Integration with Livespace

To download a Sellizer for CRM plugin, please go to the official store of the browser you are using:

After you download and install the plugin successfully, its icon will appear in the upper right corner of your browser.

  1. Log in to your Livespace account. Go to Account settings. [Integration can only be enabled by the Administrator!]
  2. Select Integrations and add-ons from the side menu
  3. Search for Sellizer in the list of available integrations. Go into the details of the integration.
  4. After entering the integration details, select Enable Sellizer integration.

Integration is active from now on! Sellizer widget will appear in the cards of contacts (person / company) and in deals. The list of proposals will be automatically refreshed and the latest proposals sent will appear there (maximum 10).

With this integration enabled you can send your proposals with Sellizer directly from Livespace.

  1. Go to the selected Deal card and send your first proposal. In order to do this, press the green Add proposal button in the Sellizer section. You will be redirected to the proposal creator in Sellizer. Upload a PDF file with your proposal and select the shipping method - it will take you less than a minute. Recipient's details (email address and name) will be automatically imported from Livespace.
  2. After sending, proposals will appear in Contact's, Deal's and Organization's cards. A green statistics icon means that the proposal has been opened. After clicking it, you will be moved to the statistics of the proposal in Sellizer, where you can check in detail how the recipient viewed it.