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Aleksandra Zaborowska
Written by Aleksandra Zaborowska

Lead campaigns

How lead campaigns work?

  1. Sellizer allows you to quickly and easily create and set up a customized lead campaign pop up for any website.
  2. The pop up appears when a potential customer wants to leave your website.
  3. Potential customer can download files (catalogue, special ebook, promotional proposal etc.) after leaving their contact details (e.g. name, telephone number and email address) in the pop up fields.
  4. Files are sent automatically from Sellizer from your personalized account so recipients see your name and email address. Along with files recipients receive personalized message.

Acquired leads are assigned to you (and/or your organization members). Along with details such as recipients' details Sellizer gives you access to notifications of each file open, detailed statistics and analytics of each viewed file. Knowing how long each person was viewing your files and how interested they were you can conduct conversations with them more effectively - quickly and basing on specifics. From the very beginning you know who's really interested.

Lead campaigns module allows you to choose between 3 pop up styles and gives you freedom to adjust the text and enter your own with the marketing consent. Leads acquired by can be assigned to selected salespeople or automatically distributed within the entire team.

How to create lead campaign and define the form?

  1. Go to Automation tab. Then, select Campaigns and click the New campaign button.
  2. Create the campaign name, select the template with message that will be sent along with files and decide whether you want to distribute acquired leads evenly among all organization members or only selected ones.
  3. Go next.
  4. Now it's time to define the pop up form: enter the address of website whose visitors you want to display the campaign to, choose one out of three available form templates, enter a form title and optionally add additional content in the Lead field. You can also enter your own content of the marketing consent.
  5. After going next you will receive generated code for your lead campaign. Paste it on your website and start collecting leads.

Leads management

To check how many leads a given campaign has generated, go to the Campaigns tab - information can be found in the Acquired leads column.

To check detailed information and the statistics of viewing your files by each person, click the number of leads obtained.